Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sharing Chocolate

Here’s a fun technique that offers the advantages of both kissing and chocolate. All you need are two people and a candy bar.

Merely break the candy bar into a convenient length, insert one end into each partner's mouth, and start sucking and tonguing the candy bar and each other. Before long you will create a delightful melange of tongues, lips, chocolate, and spit. It’s a very intimate experience that’s also wonderfully ridiculous. (It’s good to laugh while loving each other.)

And, it tastes great!

Any position works well – standing up, sitting in a car, or lying in bed. We find it convenient to lie in bed with a small waterproof pad under our heads to catch any dribbles.

Sharing chocolate provides opportunities for developing relationship skills.  What if one partner prefers dark chocolate while the other prefers milk chocolate?  Compromise is the very essence of a successful relationship.

A Hershey bar is perfect for chocolate sharing, since it dissolves completely. Other candy bars contain nougat, caramel, or nuts. With a Snickers bar, for example, all the ingredients ultimately dissolve except for the nuts. The nuts can be gently chewed (watching out for your partner’s tongue!) and passed back and forth until they are finally swallowed, along with a healthy dollop of your partner’s spit.

After experimenting with a number of different types of candy bars, we have concluded that Hershey bars work best. Candy bars with multiple ingredients are designed to be chewed and swallowed the regular way, not dissolved one layer at a time. It’s a matter of esthetics, actually. If you enjoy ending up with a mouthful of peanuts, then have at it!

We hurled ourselves into our candy bar regimen with great enthusiasm at first, but soon decided it was more sugar than we preferred to eat. So now we are limiting our chocolate sharing to maybe a couple of times a week. Since we both enjoy kissing and chocolate, we find sharing chocolate to be an excellent way to satisfy our oral needs.